Car Park System

The facilities you are providing to your employees as a businessman have a huge impact on how your employees perform. With the arrival of the modern era, employers are providing more and more facilities to their employees. With all other facilities, you can provide some additional benefits to your employees with solar car parking.

This feature will not only provide additional benefits to your employees but will also help you save some bucks on your electricity. You may be wondering what is solar car parks! Let’s dive deeper into the concept of solar car parking

What is solar car parking:

Solar car parks are just like traditional car parks. But the roof of solar car parks is different from the traditional ones. The roof of solar car parks is made of solar panels. These solar panels can serve as a renewable source of energy and can produce some electricity. Not only in the business setups but solar car parks can also be used to serve the general public. The energy produced from the solar car parks can be used for solar car park lighting. Solar car park lighting can be used to lighten up the streets, train stations, shopping malls, etc. Before deciding whether you should go for solar car parking or not, it’s important to understand how many types of solar car parks are out there and who are the best commercial solar car park, manufacturers.


Single side cantilever Module

Dual Cantilever East West Canopy

Integrated Services, seamless finish

The blue tongue energy car park system:

If you are running your business in a country with harsh weather conditions like Australia, the blue tongue energy car park system is the best option for you. Specifically designed to stand the harsh weather conditions, blue tongue car park systems have proven to improve the business profile of businesses out there. Along with withstanding the harsh weather conditions, blue tongue solar car parks serve as electric car charging stations as well.

Shade Sails:

If you are a little low on budget, but still want to go for an environment-friendly car park system, shade sails can be a better option for you. With the cost reduction come some cautions. Although Shade sails look beautiful and do their job of providing shelter, they are not designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and deteriorate under the sunlight easily. But don’t worry, with the commercial solar carport manufacturers, you can get the best value for your money with durability as a bonus.

Benefits of Solar Car parking:

Here are a few of the benefits of solar car parking:

Where can I get the best solar carport services?

You may get intimidated by a lot of service providers when it comes to solar car parking. It’s important to choose wisely because after all you are going to invest and you deserve the best for your money. Blue tongue solar is one of the best solar carport manufacturers based in Australia. At blue tongue you can:

  • Best solar car park systems for both small and large counsumers.
  • Cost-effective replaceable and durable solar sails