Renewable Investments

Blue Tongue Solar has been working with one of the most advanced Co-operative’s in Australia to develop a funding mechanism that allows investors to invest right across the renewable energy spectrum without being exposed to project risk.  This is a unique ,exciting mechanism and a first for Australia.


Potentia Renewable Projects Fund

The folio includes investments in these areas:

  • Solar Farm Acquisition, support and development
  • Grid support – 2.5-8MW solar plants  
  • Commercial Solar PPA, behind the meter sites
  • Hydrogen Generation sites 
  • Shade & Solar Systems BIPV 
  • Pumped Hydro sites

The Management Board of the Co-operative has extensive knowledge of the Renewable Energy  market , enabling it to seek out high-quality businesses and projects for the renewable fund. We undertake intensive due diligence for each business and project to ensure that it meets the investment criteria  for the Co-operative.

The investment Folio is secured by diverse projects and assets. The Co-operative raises money from investors through the issue of Co-operative Capital units which are secured across all assets of the Co-operative.
The Co-operative offers an investment opportunity that provides an ethical, flexible, secure and convenient way for wealth accumulation and at the same time enables the investor support the future of the planet and the environment.
The Potentia Renewable Fund provides:
A low volatility, wholesale investment opportunity held under a regulated Co-operative structure.
Ongoing compliance with the reporting standards of the Department of Justice, the Office of fair trading and the ATO.
Audit compliance with the standards as prescribed by the Office of Fair Trading and ATO.
Access to wholesale investment opportunities in normally inaccessible markets.
Consolidated reporting of investments.
Efficient handling of the Co-operatives investment portfolio.
Distributions of interest is paid half yearly directly to your bank account where applicable.
The Co-operatives income and profits are derived from several sources which include:
Management fees charged to the acquired companies and projects for services provided
Interest on any capital funding made available to the projects and acquisitions at commercial rates
Dividends received from the subsidiaries acquired
Membership fees
Financial service fees
Sale of assets
Rental of assets acquired

There are a number of classes of CCU’s and in general holders do not participate in the profits of the Company, but receive a fixed interest rate on their investment. This means that via the Potentia Renewable Fund, you are able to support emerging technology projects that would not otherwise pass your risk criteria.    As the Manager, we have the day to day control over the Co-operatives operations. On an ongoing basis, we have  a constant review process that  ensures that the management of the Co-operative have the information available to it to properly assess the performance of each of the acquisitions and investment to ensure they have the ability to service any debts and to repay the capital portion of the debt security where applicable.
Legislative Investor Protection
The Co-operative is regulated under the Co-operatives national Law 2013 and the Victorian Co-operative act 1996 amended in 2014.Directors of a Co-operative have a responsibility to act in an ethical manner and to be responsible in their management roles. The auditor is responsible for reporting to Department of Justice the capacity of management and if deemed either incompetent, irresponsible or fraudulent the department has the legal capacity to replace the board. We have instigated a rigid process of monthly audits with a Department of Justice approved auditor who’s role is to review not just the financial probity but also the adherence to the rules laid down by the Department of Justice.
Investment objective, strategy and incentives
The Co-operative aims to provide  investors with stable and predictable income based on investing in a range of ethical, environmentally sound businesses and projects with geographic dispersed across Australia and Asia. The Co-operative is able to provide additional financial incentives to such projects to make them more attractive to investors with the aim of increasing the rate of take up of alternative energy and recycling projects. Investing in the Co-operative means you enjoy substantial diversification of investment and stable returns.