Have more control over your project outcomes

Solar Architects & Solar Engineers

With over 600 installations, we know how to configure your roof spaces  to achieve much higher generation and aesthetics – if you engage us in your planning stage.  Most roof top solar installed after the architect is finished – You solar plant can enhance the building, lobby foyer areas, not look out of place as is often the case.

AS BIPV engineers we can design integrated solar into your structures and advise what impact it will have on the buildings power bills.

Snap Shot Analysis

Blue Tongue Solar Provides this first look at you and your system at no charge.   This stage provides you with general sizing, pricing, component selection and an approximate ROI.  This report will provide you with enough information to decide if a system is feasible enough for you, and to make a decision to proceed further or not. 

We do not provide you with extensive graphing and investment options as the information cannot be fully accurate at this point. Solar companies trying to win your work will put this forward as an official quote, we term in for what it is – a snap shot analysis.

Most businesses seek quotes for solar and try to lock in a supplier, before themselves or the solar companies have all the facts.  This leads to incorrect sizing, components, prices, and starts a poor relationship with your solar provider.

There needs to be a site evaluation and engineering phase conducted prior to considering a final price for your system. 

This stage should be commissioned by the business, as the advice, system specification and findings are then more binding and can be relied upon.

Engineering , Feasibility and approvals Package for Solar

Blue Tongue solar has developed a program to navigate efficiently the compliance requirements for Australia and to provide better due diligence and smoother installations. To our knowledge we are the only company that has formalized this stage – which puts you the client back in control of your investment.

Once approvals are granted, and the feasibility is done correctly it is possible to lock in your system size, grid specifications, export amounts and of course a reliable price.

The Distributor needs to assess your engineering, design and grid injection size relevant to their network in the specific area, The Network rulings may then require modification of the sizing and stipulate network protection features – all of which changes your outcome, system size, price and return on investment.

Blue Tongue Solar provides this service so that briefs can be tabled for quotes on system installation, Inverter procurement, project management and installation, along with having an accurate assessment of what the benefit will be to the client.

The cost of an RGA package is deducted from the project pricing so there is no extra cost to this stage.  Once you have this package you know the real picture for solar and the impact on the local network and your business – before you commit to the capital for the system.