Commercial Solar 

Let us help you get the right answers.   An incorrectly sized or installed system will not give you the results you can achieve.  With our extensive industry experience we have unmatched Industry knowledge.  We are not a sales company, but work on your side in order to ensure you get the most cost effective, system possible.

We operate Australia wide and provide advisory consulting services to many of the larger Australian PV and commercial enterprises

We can either run a total project from concept to completion or you can select the modules you require at different stages to suit your timeline. The primary modules include:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Solution recommendation
  • Cost estimate assessment
  • Sourcing & procurement
  • Network compliance and applications
  • Installation management (with your installer or we can recommend a team)
  • Certification documentation
  • Rebates

Solar Power is good for business
It can :

  • dramatically reduce electricity expenditure
  • High government rebates still available
  • Promote “Green” business – proving to your customers your commitment to Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Deductible benefits
  • 2018 update High rebates still available.
  • up to $50,000 for 100kw

Solar power is no longer seen as an alternative, but a mainstream, reliable power option; however an incorrectly sized & installed systems may have little cost benefit.  We are experts at designing the most cost effective solutions for businesses so you know what to expect.

ROI – not the full picture for Solar

Standard ROI calculations are not quite relevant to solar – as you are spending the money anyway on current bills – so it’s a diversion of funds from the power retailer to you paying off your own generation plant.

Solar is an operational cost so loans and leases are tax deductible.

Commercial systems commonly see a 5 year or better Return on Investment, however these systems are often  set up as cash positive with a loan meaning that there is no outlay, you are paying off a system and saving money instead of wasting revenue on power bills. 

This is not therefore an investment just a smarter way to do business. Your panels can last from 2 years to 30 years, so it does outline the opportunity of choosing the highest quality components and management team to design and manage your install. 

Behind the meter. 

Many of our coal power stations are at the end of their service life without the funds required for refurbishment.

This creates opportunities for alternative power sources.  In Victoria, the closing of Hazelwood power plant for example, saw the cost of industrial power in Victoria double.  As of the start of 2018, Industry is no longer buying power at 6c, now  12c/kW  is more common.  When you don’t own your own power source, your bottom line on power bills is in some one else’s hands.

There is demand for low cost daytime energy in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth which points to solar.  Due to our urban sprawl and lower density developments there is many 100’s of MW of unused roof space in these areas.

Commercial solar Investments

Roof top mounting is lower cost to install than solar farms and there is power infrastructure in most cases ready to go.  Sub 5MW plants are faster to get approved.  When plants get down towards the 100kw mark – factories are buying power for around 22c/kw, so PPA’s can be offered at around 19c/kw.  As our cost of plant and production is 4c/kw, there is a wide margin of profitability in this sector.

There is more roof space available than there is local demand for the generated power.  As Australian building codes are very strict, most of these roof areas are in good condition and make good alternative spaces to put solar farms at lower installation costs. 

The PPA’s are similar to solar farms offered by the electrical retailers and systems over 100kW are eligible for the LGC rebate income.

Sub 100kw installs are also worthwhile in the folio as they attract an 11c/kw feed in tariff and some states have different tariff acceleration opportunities like Victoria’s 29c afternoon rebate that we are currently designing systems for.