Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)

There is high demand for low cost daytime energy in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth which points to solar.  Due to our urban sprawl and lower density developments there is many 100’s of MW of unused roof space in these areas.

Commercial solar Investments

Power users

If you are a property owner, with an energy usage projection of 8 years have roof space, and spend 20c/kw  on day time power, you would qualify for an investor to buy the system for you and have it installed. You will own the system once the investor has re-cooped the investment.   


Roof top PPA have beter investment returns than solar farms.  We find a folio approach is better where a range of smaller sites makes up the volume.

We  provide a diverse cross section of sites in different weather regions and different tariff zones. Investing in a PPA folio – we can Gaurantee your returns.

Ask us for First Potentia prospectus on a PPA Folio investment

Roof top mounting is lower cost to install than solar farms and there is power infrastructure in most cases ready to go.  Sub 5MW plants are faster to get approved.  When plants get down towards the 100kw mark  PPA’s can be offered at around 15% to 25% reduced rates depending on if the property owner wants to own the system earlier or later.

PPA’s are popular with the business owners as they do not have to finance the solar system, upgrade  or maintain it.

The site owner does have to pay for infrastructure or upgrades if required as these items help upgrade the property 

There is more roof space available than there is local demand for the generated power.  As Australian building codes are very strict, most of these roof areas are in good condition and make good alternative spaces to put solar farms at lower installation costs.