Diesel Offset Solutions


When you perform a levelised cost of Energy on Diesel generated power  – you get a very expensive power rate that can be easily offset by renewable systems.
55c/kw is not uncommon.  It makes sense to install solar for as much daytime usage as possible. The LCOE for Solar is around 5c/kw
So when you look at converting to a Hybrid power source including solar, these are the benefits you can expect if running your plant 24 hours a day:
  • Longer life from Current generators
  • 30% less maintenance
  • 30% less fuel transport and usage
  • The savings will pay off the system in 3 to 5 years.


We now have access to well developed – Demand Response systems to manage the power demands over the generation sources.  

Result Orientated Approach to Renewable’s

Blue Tongue Solar prefers to help you grow your system through the install process and be adaptable to your site conditions, these are our steps:

  1. Planning.  using interval data or fuel usage, we log your current results to determine the optimum day time power system.
  2. Install System 1 with DRS and monitor the results.
  3. Planning – using these results that are specific to your site we can then map and cost out battery options and larger arrays to charge them.
  4. Install module 2 with batteries ( typically to cover the next 30% of your power)
  5. Planning – use these results to see if its viable to add more storage and generation and look at the viability of Hydrogen for larger plant operations especially if there is continued direct fuel consumption for trucks.