Solar Car Parks: Pros, Cons, Installation, Cost and Maintenance


What are Solar Car Parks

Solar car parks are just like traditional car parks. But the roof of solar car parks is different from the traditional ones. The top of solar parking lots is made of solar panels that can be used to produce electricity and protect people from harsh weather conditions. You can then use the electricity produced from the solar car parks to either lighten up your homes, provide power to your business or charge your electric car!

This article will help you understand the pros and cons, installation process, cost, and maintenance of solar parking lots.


Pros & Cons of Solar Carpark

Pros Cons
Solar parking lots generate clean and renewable energy. They can be expensive.
Solar Parking lots help you save on your electricity bills. Production of Solar Car Parks includes steel, which can harm the environment.
They can help charge electric cars. Solar parking lots require a lot more labor for installation
You can greatly reduce the CO2 emission from your business with the help of solar parking lots. Solar panels used in Solar Car Parks can make it an electromagnetic field.
You can sell the power generated from the solar parking lots Unfortunately, Solar parking lots installation could require cutting down the trees.

How does Solar Car Park Works?

Solar car parks have different types of structures. Each structure differs due to the angle they are tilted at. But the common thing is that each structure is tilted and is covered with solar panels. These solar panels produce electricity. You can use this electricity to lighten up your home and your business, or you can sell the electricity, Your call!

Solar Car Park Installation Process

The installation process for the Solar Car Parks is quite simple! Here are the simple steps that you have to follow to install a solar parking lot.

1. Consultation with a Provider

First, You need to start by consulting a solar company. The solar company will provide you with an overview of the space required for the solar car park and recommend you accordingly. For the best consultation, you can consult Blue Tongue Solar!

2. Designing

After analyzing your available resources, the solar company will design a layout for the solar parking lot. The layout will include the aesthetic appearance and price required for the whole project.

3. Installation Process

Once the designs are approved, you can finally start with the installation. Overall, the construction of solar car parks includes installing the shading structure as per the approved designs.

4. Monitoring the Performance

The Solar company will also provide you with a system that could help you keep a check on the performance of the solar parking lot that you have installed.


Solar Car Park Installation Cost

Installing a Solar Car Park could be an expensive option. Although there are no fixed prices and the prices may vary as per the number of solar panels you intend to install. But the average cost range from $1.50- $2.00p/Watt. You can get the quote for the installation process from the company you are availing services to. For best quotes, consult Blue Tongue Solar.

Best Solar Carport Manufacturers

There are several service providers when it comes to installing solar car parks! As a result, It’s easy to get overwhelmed and decide who is the best! Blue Tongue Solar can prove to be the best option in terms of service quality, Installation process, and pricing.

Solar Car Park Maintenance

Unlike the high cost of solar car park installation, maintenance is relatively easier. The only maintenance solar car park requires checking it once a year to monitor any technical issue and you are good to go! If you observe any technical problem, contact the solar company that has installed the car park, and they will fix the case for you!


How many types of designs are available for Solar Car Park?

There are four major types of designs available for the Solar Car Parks based on their tilted angles!

Is there any difference between Solar Carport and a Solar Car park?

They are essentially the same structures. You can use Solar car parks commercially, and carports at the domestic level.

How much power per car space is required in solar parking lots?

Around 2.8kW is required per car space in solar parking lots.


The trend of Solar car parking is increasing with the passage of each day in Australia. Since the long-term benefits of solar parking lots outweigh their disadvantages as suggested by the Clean energy regulator, so the investment in them is worth it. Although the installation is a bit expensive, it’s easy to maintain! The Australian Government and people are committed to getting their country powered by renewable energy, and a solar car park can be one of the best option in this regard! You can get the budget-friendly quote and best services for solar parking lots at blue tongue solar

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