5kw Solar System: Input, Cost, Output, and Payback


5kw Solar System: Input, Cost, Output, and Payback


5kw solar system is one of the most popular solar systems in Australia as recommended by Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator . A 5kw solar system is enough to meet the demands of a typical Australian house comprising of 4-5 people. Another benefit of installing a 5kw solar system is that it yields high energy at low costs! This article will help you understand the cost, amount, output, and savings you can get from a 5kw solar system.

How much Cost for a 5kw solar system?

Australia is one of those countries that provide the lowest prices for a 5kw solar system! The average cost for a 5kw solar system in Melbourne is $4630. Keeping the subsidy into consideration, the price for a 5kw solar system varies between $4500 – $8000 across Australia in 2022. Here is the list of prices for a 5kw solar system in different cities of Australia.


Average Prices for a 5kw Solar System
Location Price Self-Consumption Rate Energy Rate Annual Savings Payback Period Feed-in Tariff
Melbourne $4630 31% 20c/KWh $765 6 Years 6.6c/KWh
Sydney $4830 31% 21c/KWh $995 4.5 Years 11c/KWh
Brisbane $4820 29% 22c/KWh $975 5 Years 10c/KWh
Perth $3720 31% 30c/KWh $1200 3.5 Years 6c/KWh


The good news is that the prices for a 5kw solar system have declined over the past decade. This graph depicts the decline in the prices for a 5kw solar system since October 2012 in Australia’s major cities. 


How many panels and space do I need for a 5kw solar system?

How many 5kw solar panels you need depends upon the quality of panels you are buying and the energy you need to run your house. On average, you may need around 12-20 panels. Each 5kw solar panel has an average size of 1.2m × 1.7m. That means the space you would need to install around 15 to 20 panels would be 25.3m2. If you have less space than 25.3m2, you can consider increasing the size of your 5kw solar system to a 6.6kw solar system. 

How much power can a 5kw solar system generate per day?

A 5kw solar system can potentially produce around 20kwh per day. This solar power production can also vary depending upon the climate conditions. You can expect to observe an increase in the solar power production up to 30kwh on the sunny days and another way around on cloudy days. 

The output of a 5kw solar system also depends upon your geographical location and the peak sun per day your area receives. For example, if you reside in Tasmania, you can expect to receive around 5 hours of peak sun each day, and if you live in Darwin, you can expect to receive approximately 6 hours of peak sun each day. 

Where will I get the best 5kw solar system?

You may be overwhelmed by the number of solar power suppliers out there. Each supplier has its own pros and cons, keeping in view the Cost, quality of products, and services they offer. Your hard-earned money deserves the best services. You can get quality, budget-friendly solar services from Blue Tongue Solar

When will I get a Payback for a 5kw solar system?

This is one of the few essential questions that might pop up in your brain whenever you think of investing. You may assume that since you have offset your energy usage with a 5kw solar system, you would start saving on your electricity bills right away! 

Well, it’s not that simple! Payback on solar systems usually takes time. Although Electricity companies pay you for the electricity you generate, it is way lower than what you are being charged when you buy from them! So keeping it simple, you can expect to receive a payback from a 5kw solar system within 5-6 years again, depending upon your location and weather conditions.

How much can I save with a 5kw solar system?

You can expect to save huge with a 5kw solar system compared to the payback. Depending upon your geographical location, you can save up to $2200 in the first year and around $70,000 over 20 years. That’s huge!


What does a 5kw solar system mean?

As the name indicates, a 5kw solar system means the amount of energy you can expect from a 5kw solar system would be 5000 watts per hour.

What is the load capacity of the 5kw solar system?

Load capacity simply indicates the amount of energy produced by the 5kw solar system per day. Load capacity of a 5kw solar system per day is 20kwh.

Is 5kw enough to run a house?

Yes, a 5kw solar system would be sufficient to run a medium-sized house! Because it covers around 25-35m2.

How many Air Conditioners can a 5kw solar system run?

A 5kw solar system can efficiently run a 2-ton AC for your house.

How much does a 5kw battery cost?

A 5kw solar system battery costs around $1300- $2000 KWh.


5kw Solar System: Input, Cost, Output, and Payback. 5kw Solar System costs you around $4500 – $ 8000 depending upon various factors including panel making company prices, quality,  area coverage, etc. You just have to install 12-20 panels on the rooftop to get the best output at your home covering the area of 25.3m2 to give you a clean source of energy. I recommend you to consult Blue Tongue Solar to get the best deal for your clean energy production.


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