3kw solar system: Input, Cost, Output, and Payback


3kw Solar System: Input, Cost, Output, and Payback

3kw solar system is the most popular solar system size in domestic sectors in Australia. This article will cover the details from the price of a 3kw system to the output of a 3kw system and some frequently asked questions that could pop up in your head.

How much cost for a 3kw solar system with batteries?

A 3kw system would not cost you as much because the prices of solar systems are continuously dropping. 

A good quality 3kw system with batteries can cost you around $4000-$5500, including batteries and installation. However, the price may vary depending upon the city you are living in!

Some cheap systems are also available for around $2500, but they are not recommended. The quality and performance of the cheaper systems are usually compromised. Contact Blue Tongue Solar for the best quotes with quality products and services.

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Here is a brief look into the average price tags for a 3kw solar system in different cities of Australia:

Location Price
Adelaide, South Australia $3,500
Brisbane, QLD $4,000
Canberra, ACT $4,000
Darwin, NT $6,000
Hobart, TAS $4,500
Melbourne, VIC $3,800
Sydney, NSW $4,000
Perth, WA $3,000
Average Price of All $4000

Other things that you should keep in mind while considering the price are the size of your house and the types of roofs you have. A double-story house would need more panels than a single-story house. Also, if you have concrete roofs, then you should expect more expense because concrete roofs need more mounting systems. 


 How many panels in a 3kw solar system and space do I need?

The number of panels you need for a 3kw system varies depending upon the watts of panels you are using. Usually, you will need 11-12 solar panels using 250W panels. You will need 20m2 of roof space for 1.6m×1m in size of solar panels.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space; you can choose 370W panels, which would reduce the number of panels you need!

How much power does a 3kw system produce per day?

The energy you can expect a 3kw system to produce depends upon your location, the city you are living in, and the weather conditions. If you live in Darwin, then you can expect to get 14.5 kWh of energy more than Hobart, where you can expect reduced energy production due to climate! 

Also, you would observe double energy production in January than in July in most regions of Australia. A 3kw system output is around 13 units a day. 

Another factor that can influence the energy production in a 3kw system is the position of the panels. You will get more 3kw system output if the panels face direct sunlight than when placed under any shade. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, here is a list showing the average output from a 3kw solar system according to the Bureau of Meteorology

Average output from a 3kw solar system Electricity Production Capacity Electricity Production Capacity
Adelaide 11kWh per day 4,000 kWh per year
Brisbane 12kWh per day 4,300 kWh per year
Canberra 12kWh per day 4,200 kWh per year
Darwin 15kWh per day 5,200 kWh per year
Hobart 10kWh per day 3,600 kWh per year
Melbourne 10.5kWh per day 3,700 kWh per year
Perth 13kWh per day 4,700 kWh per year
Sydney 11kWh per day 4,000 kWh per yea


Where will I get the Best 3kw system?

You can easily get overwhelmed by the number of service providers out there! But your hard-earned money deserves the best payback! You can get the best 3kw system from Blue Tongue Solar regarding service quality and reasonable rates!

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When will I get the payback for a 3kw system?

You cannot expect the payback immediately, especially with solar. 

The payback for a solar 3kw system depends upon the location you are living at, your average electricity usage, and the orientation of your house’s roof! The average payback period for a solar system 3kw varies from 4-6 years depending upon where you live and your region’s climate conditions. Here is a list of different cities in Australia, considering typical scenarios. 

System Cost Electricity Charges Feed-In Rate Average Energy Usage (Daily) Payback Period IRR
Adelaide $3,400 25c 7.5c 14.5kWh 4.2 Years 25%
Brisbane $3,900 19c 6c 14.5kWh 6 Years 18%
Canberra $3,500 18c 8c 14.5kWh 5.5 Years 17%
Darwin $5,800 26c 9c 14.5kWh 6 Years 18%
Hobart $4,800 25c 8c 14.5kWh 7 Years 15%
Melbourne $3,750 20c 9c 14.5kWh 6 Years 15%
Perth $2,890 30c  7c 14.5kWh 3 Years 38%
Sydney $3,700 19c  7c 14.5kWh 6.5 Years 17%

Last but not least, payback also depends upon whether you are selling out electricity to the grid or using it for your consumption. Of course, you would get an earlier payback if you are using electricity for yourself than selling it out to the grid.

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How Much Can I save with a 3kw system?

The savings for a 3kw solar system depend upon the usage of the electricity! When and how do you use the electricity generated from the solar system in your home. If you use all the power for your home, then you will save $1,600 in the first year and can expect to save $47,000 in 20 years.

In case, you sell out half of your electricity, then you will save $1,100 in the first year and $27,000 in 20 Years.

If you sell out all of your electricity, then you will save $500 in the first year after installation and $7,500 in  20 years. 

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Is a 3kw solar system enough for a household?

It depends upon your electricity usage. If you do not use appliances like an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a microwave, or a coffee machine all at once, a 3kw system is enough for your house, but if you are using these appliances all at once, then you should probably consider a larger system. 

What can a 3kw system run?

A 3kw solar system can run a fridge, microwave oven, induction cooker, coffee machine, dishwasher, etc., individually. 

What is a 3kw solar inverter?

A 3kw solar inverter is nothing but your typical 3kw solar system.

What is a 3kw system off-grid?

A solar 3kw system off-grid indicates that the system has the capability of going off-grid without a generator. 

How many AC does a 3kw system run?

You can easily run a 1.5-ton AC on a solar system 3kw

How many batteries do I need for a 3000-watt solar system?

If you want your 3000-watt system to work efficiently, then you should use 125A×10H = 1250AH 13 batteries

How long will a battery last with a 3000-watt inverter?

If you want your 3000-watt inverter to run for one hour smoothly, then you should use 300Ah, 120V battery. 

How many batteries do I need for a 5kw off-grid solar system to run for 8 hours?

You will need 200-220ah batteries to run a 5kw solar system off-grid for 8 hours. 


The cost of a 3kw system will be around $4000-$5500 with batteries. You will need 11-12 250W panels in a solar 3kw system. On average, you can expect to generate 13 units of energy with a 3kw system solar. 

A solar 3kw system payback can be expected within 4-6 years after installation depending upon your locality, climate conditions, and the roof orientation. You can save around $47,000 with a 3kw system in 20 years. Get the best 3kw solar system at Blue Tongue Solar.

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