10kw solar system: Input, Cost, Output, and Payback


10kw Solar System: Input, Cost, Output, and Payback

You probably own a big house or even a bigger bill if you consider buying a 10kw system solar. You can also install a solar power system of 10kw if running a small-scale business. Whether you are buying a 10kw system for domestic use or commercial use, this article will help you look into the prices, space, energy production, payback, and savings of a 10kw system.

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  • Price of 10kw Solar System with Batteries:

The prices for a solar power system vary depending upon the quality of the system you have installed. The average prices for 10kw vary from $9000-$13,500! However, if you intend to install the batteries, the price can rise from$9000-$13,500 to $20,000-$25,000. But the investment is worth it, as the system will last for about 25-30 years according to Clean Energy Council.


You can get the cheap systems at the bottom end of the prices and a good one at the upper limit. The choice is yours.

But be careful; with a cheap system, you can face issues with a cheaper system, and fixing them can take you even above the upper limit of the price tag. You must avail yourself of service from a quality and reliable service provider. Blue Tongue Solar can provide you with good quality prices at reasonable rates.


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The prices for a solar Power system also vary depending on your living area! The below table provides a glimpse of the prices for a solar power system in Australia’s major cities.

10KW Solar System Prices In Major Cities
Adelaide $10,270
Brisbane $10,370
Melbourne $10,370
Perth $9,970
Sydney $10,000

How Many Panels and Roof Space in a 10kw Solar System

The number of panels you need and the roof space for a 10kw system depends upon several factors. The most important of them is how efficient your installed panels are. Typically, the panels installed for a 10kw system solar are 350W. This means you would need 27-30 panels.

The roof space you would need for a solar power system depends upon the size of the panels. A typical 1.8 × 1.1m panel would use 65m2 of roof space for 10kw. However, you can easily reduce the number of panels and roof space required if you use a more efficient system.

Power Generation of a 10kw Solar System per Day

The power generation for a solar power system depends upon your location, the angle the solar panels are tilted at, and the location of the solar panels. For example, if you live in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, you can expect to produce more than the area that receives less sunlight.

A power system of 10kw can produce up to 40-45kWh per day. Now that’s huge! You can easily run 2-3 homes on a 10kw solar system or one home if you own a big one!

The below table indicates the average power generation by a solar power system of 10kw per day in major cities of Australia

Average Power Generation by a 10KW System per Day
Adelaide 35-40 KWh
Brisbane 37-42 kWh
Canberra 35-40 kWh
Darwin 40-45 kWh
Hobart 30-35 kWh
Melbourne 30-35 kWh
Perth 39-45 kWh
Sydney  35-39 kWh

Should I have a 10kw System?

Whether you should buy a 10kw system solar or not depends on your electricity needs and bills. The service provider will assess keeping your electricity needs in view before installing a solar power system for you.


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Typically, a 10kw system solar is installed for a house that has to pay $500-$1000 per month in electricity bills. However, if that’s not the case, you can either go for a 3kw solar system or a 5kw solar system.

You can also install a solar 10kw system if you run a small-scale business!

Where Can I Get the Best 10kw System?

With the increasing trend of solar across Australia, the number of solar service providers is also increasing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of solar service providers. After all, the investment is huge, and you will spend your hard-earned money! It’s important to choose wisely! Blue Tongue Solar is providing the best services at reasonable rates.


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When Will I Get a Payback for a 10kw Solar System?

The payback for a solar power system depends upon your locality and your electricity usage. If you are self-consuming all the electricity generated, you can expect to get payback for a solar system of 10kw within five years after installation.


You only have to pay the maintenance cost after the payback period, and the electricity is free!

The table below shows the payback periods for a solar 10kw system in the major cities of Australia at 35% and 65% self-consumption rates:

Payback Duration for 10KW solar system in major cities of Australia

10KW System Cost Electricity Cost Feed-In Tariff Self Consumption Rate IRR 12 Months Savings Payback Duration
Adelaide $10,270 30c 11c 35% 25% $2000 3.0 Years
65% 40% $3000 2.5 Years
Brisbane $10,370 20c 5c 35% 15% $1300 6.5 Years
65% 20% $1900 4.5 Years
Canberra  $7,400 19c 8c 35% 19% $1,500 5.0 Years
65% 30% $2,050 3.5 Years
Darwin $13,600 27c 9c 35% 15% $2,070 6.0 Years
65% 20% $2,850 4.5 Years
Hobart $10,000 26c 9c 35% 16% $1,700 5.5 Years
65% 25% $2,500 3.5 Years
Melbourne  $10,370 30c 6.5c 35% 19% $1,600 4.5 Years
65% 30% $2,600 3.0 Years
Perth $9,970 29c 7.5c 35% 23% $2,000 4.0 Years
65% 35% $3,000 5.0 Years
Sydney $10,000 26c 6c 35% 20% $1,500 5.0 Years
65% 30% $2,400 3.0 Years

How Much Can I Save With a 10kw Solar System?

You can start saving with the solar power system right away compared to the payback! However, the amount you will save with a solar system depends on whether you use the electricity for yourself or export it outside.

You will save more if you self-consume all the electricity yourself and slightly less if you export half of the electricity to the grid. If you are consuming all the electricity yourself, you can save $3,000 within the first year of installation. But if you are exporting half of your electricity to the grid, you will save $1,100 within the first year after installation.


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1. What is a 10kw solar system off-grid?

An off-grid is a system that is specifically designed for medium-to-large scale usage!

2. Is it worth having a 10kw solar system?

Yes, it is! But only if your electricity consumption is huge or running a small-scale business.

3. Is a 10kw  system too much?

A 10kw system would be too much if your daily electricity consumption is less than $600 per quarter. But if you use 40kWh of electricity on average, this would be a good option.

4. How many Air-conditioners can a 10kw system run?

You can safely run 2-3 air conditioners with a 10kw system and other daily used appliances like dishwasher, washing machine, fans, television, lights, etc.

5. Which is better, off-grid or on-grid?

Both have their pros and cons. Being on-grid, you would not have to buy expensive battery backup. But being off-grid, you will save more on your electricity bills and have an earlier payback.


A 10kw system can be a good choice if running a small-scale business or owning a big house. On average, the cost of a 10kw solar system will be $9000-$13,500 without batteries and $20,000 to $25,000 with batteries. You will need 27-30 panels for a typical 10kw system solar.

The roof space required for a 1.8 × 1.1m panel would be 65m2. You can expect a 10kw system to produce up to 40-45kWh per day of energy. The payback period for a 10kw solar system would be 3-5 years, and you can save $1,000 -$3000 annually on your bills depending upon whether you are off-grid or on-grid.

You can get the best solar 10kw system from Blue Tongue Solar!


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